True Pain

Adding two gear playstyle.

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I hate my life.

To implement this two gear playstyle it took me 6hrs. People near me thought I have started a business or something.
After 6 hours testing it showed that it is weaker overall. I said to myself in kid-friendly langauge "I dont care". I used defense weight to increase or decrease defensive intensity. Currently I have set to 2 cause I think it is perfect. I was also able to add alpha beta pruning and finally my cpu wont be blasting while running the bot on my machine. My computer has become a mess too many snippets are there, My brother asked for my computer to play he went to tell my parents that I am writing a lot of weird messages to someone and it is saved by . Kids these days. Well I will keep you updated nothing much happened in one day what you think I am robot? I will post short blogs my fingers hurt as heck. You can consider this as Dev Blog#1. Peace out.