Ding Liren

Image of Ding Liren by Lennart Ootes

Ding Liren defeats Kosteniuk with the English

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Ding's a-pawn is sneaky

This instructive positional chess game between Ding Liren and Alexandra Kosteniuk from the 2022 Airthings Masters features Kosteniuk choosing the Rubinstein variation in response to Ding Liren's English Opening. Observe how Ding's early a3 and b4 influenced Kosteniuk's central grip. After 18 moves, Ding Liren obtains a harmonious piece arrangement free of any exploitable weaknesses.

Ding Liren vs Alexandra Kosteniuk, 2022 Airthings Masters

Below the video, there is a pop quiz with five questions. If you are interested in improving your game, devote some time to answering them before watching the video.

Question 1 of 5: What is white's best move?

Question 2 of 5: Is black's e5 pawn poison?

Question 3 of 5: What is white's best move?

Question 4 of 5: What is white's best move?

Question 5 of 5: What is the main idea of 15...Re8?

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