Gukesh D

Image of Gukesh D courtesy of Lennart Ootes

17-year-old Gukesh D makes chess history

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Youngest challenger ever for a world chess championship title

Featured is the key game 17-year-old Gukesh D won which propelled him as the sole leader in the 2024 FIDE Candidates. His victory in the penultimate round against Alireza Firouzja gave him a narrow half point lead over Nakamura, Caruana & Nepomniachtchi. Gukesh D, India's #1 ranked chess player, would maintain that lead after the 14th and final round was complete. Gukesh finished with 9 points, and made history by becoming the youngest challenger ever for a world chess championship title. Gukesh D will soon challenge World Chess Champion Ding Liren.

Gukesh D vs Alireza Firouzja, 2024 FIDE Candidates

Below the video I have highlighted 3 positions

Question 1 of 3: What is an issue with creating a flight square at this moment with 12. h3?

Question 2 of 3: Why is 23. Bxa4 a blunder?

Question 3 of 3: What is white's only saving reply to 53. e2?

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