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  1. Scam or legit (for android or … Jashsodha2008 ARE U SURE
  2. I beat a GM at Antichess PuntaArenas I suspect that he picked the wrong game in the lobby and didn't realiz…
  3. Correspondence League - Season… BHort I joined.
  4. A sad story or either I got li… Stefanxd You were played.
  5. A sad story or either I got li… SJCVChess You got scammed. You deserve to lose a half-point. Next time, turn-off…
  6. Best way to run stockfish on l… KnightMaster07 What is the best way to run stockfish?
  7. Scam or legit (for android or … Alanakos13 I think t…
  8. One of the most craziest games… Chessy64 @Sariel_A yes i like d5 as it opens the position for black i do regret…
  9. A sad story or either I got li… Ben2006Tor This is a very sad story or either he backstabbed me. So I was star…
  10. Queen vs Rook Endgame lurarose vs a person it's somewhat easier than vs a strong engine