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  1. Mate in 10 anyone? I didnt fin… schachnils 30.Qc7+ is the mate, no?
  2. e4, e5 ChessForFun14 One Qe2 white is again in trouble
  3. Goodbye, e1-rook SeriousChest That hurts.
  4. 5,200,000 games? Rahsulaimon the under 1600 is not in the data base @Socrates399
  5. Mate in 10 anyone? I didnt fin… seedfeeder Well I felt there was a mate, but didnt find it as I was also at 20 se…
  6. 5,200,000 games? Socrates399 I just stumbled across the breakdown of costs in…
  7. How to get better at bullet? ForumPoster645 Improve at slower time controls first. Once you did that, gradually ma…
  8. why endgames are so hard ? CM Sarg0n g4?? was suicide, yes.
  9. why endgames are so hard ? schachnils Here are some good books: "Shereshevsky, M - Endgame strategy". Wil…
  10. Goodbye, e1-rook TheKingClash Against a 2500 but such a shame to end the game by hanging a rook like…

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