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  1. 1800 brutally punished for neg… NM MrPushwood "I played like dog" Nigel Short after playing Kasparov
  2. is chess a dopamin driven feed… NM MrPushwood Took the words outta my mouth!
  3. Why Chess NM MrPushwood Why do you ask?
  4. beat stockfish level 8 in thre… Mr-bulletplayer at least i won
  5. Is the DecodeChess app good fo… alkapwn3d @RawrOnion I genuinely appreciate long but thoughtful answers. thx so …
  6. Chess inferiority. turtleleo77 _|_|_ _|_|_ _|_|x @EwoudUtrecht
  7. Chess inferiority. The_Meme_Guy @shogiban Are you drunk?
  8. I don't know how this became a… Gabriellief White starts one move ahead and if black can get the king to the other…
  9. KOTH puzzles Mate_On_f7 @SynapticSentinel Very good puzzles! I am a big KotH fan myself :D
  10. I don't know how this became a… Demon-Slayer1 I was playing racing kings and then I got a draw eventhough I won. htt…