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  1. Going for top 100 Atomic, any … TheChessPlayer21 How would it help? Flagging is 1 part of 1/2+0 atomic
  2. Going for top 100 Atomic, any … SwApNeEl1 Maybe it might help also.
  3. Going for top 100 Atomic, any … TheChessPlayer21 Also stop playing 1/2+0. It doesnt help.
  4. Complications Junky85 Too poor to buy plus currency is different in where I live.
  5. Complications tpr #8 Yes, it costs $9.99…
  6. Complications Junky85 I am bankrupt poor and was it the life and games of Mikhail Tal?
  7. Complications tpr #6 If you want to know more about his thinking, then read his book.
  8. Conversion from ECF / FIDE to … tpr #7 The original poster wants to convert a rating here ion lichess to …
  9. Complications Junky85 @tpr Other than thinking, how did he really see it. What made him thin…
  10. Henry David Thoreau or_else Hey, that dude legalized weed in Canada, right? An a-okay human bei…