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243 members

ZugAddict Fan Club TEAM

We are the dedicated fans of National Master ZugAddict. We appreciate his regular streams on and we are entertained by his occasional use of expletives and frequent playing of his theme song
Location: WORLD

Forum (308)

  1. Even more ZugAddict quotes Toadofsky

    "The great thing about this position is that it's really good."

  2. More ZugAddict Quotes Toadofsky

    "One side will walk away with a victory..."

  3. Zug Miracle? Legambit

    Why the zug Miracle is vanished? Or it's my computer...

  4. Premove like a National Master Toadofsky

    #6 Hear hear! Strongly agreed.

  5. Premove like a National Master JustinZ

    He should receive a second Zug Miracle trophy for this effort.

  6. Premove like a National Master LikesTal

    Nor will I complain ;)

  7. Premove like a National Master NoJoke

    I'll never complain! Decide the game by the game! Not the clock!

  8. Premove like a National Master LikesTal

    If you give people increment they will complain that they can't flag others. If you don't give them increment they will complain for being flagged. So they will never be satisfied.

  9. Premove like a National Master NoJoke

    Why do people hate increment so much? I will never understand...

  10. Premove like a National Master runagrog

    Well, but one also has to admit that this kind of endgame is really tough...

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