Worldwide Junior

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PLEASE NOTE: introduce yourself and, when you ask to join, TELL US WHICH TEAM YOU'RE PLAYING ON. Thank you!

The Worldwide Junior is a friendly U16 club tournament, for kids born from 2004 onwards. There are currently more than 1800 players in the competition, including U11 and U8 tournaments. Lineups, regulation, previous results and all links to Team Battles are here:

Worldwide Junior - это дружеский клубный турнир, предназначенный для детей в возрасте до 16 лет, то есть детей, родившихся с 2004 года --|-- El Worldwide Junior es un torneo amistoso de clubes donde participan jóvenes menores de 16 años de edad, es decir, aquellos nacidos en 2004 o años posteriores.

Location: Worldwide is for the children