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For members of the Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club, located in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY


Hudson River Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h4 teams battle
Outage Outrage10+5 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss
Week Late Easter Swiss10+5 • Rapid • Rated2 rounds swiss
Hudson River Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h4 teams battle
Jennifer Shahade Swiss10+5 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss


CIS Bronx Online Chess Dayshauncis •

Sign up now for tomorrow's Bronx Online Chess Day on LICHESS. The event starts at 10:00 AM and has three K-12 Scholastic Sections, including Open, U1600, and Under 1200. There is also a Parents and F

CIS MLK Jr. Chess Tournamentshauncis •

Next Monday join Chess in the Schools for our annual MLK Jr. Day Chess Tournament. This event is generally our largest each year and we hope everyone can join us digitally this year! The event has

Tournament Tonightshauncis •

"On behalf of bkchess, a unification of the chess teams of both Brooklyn Tech and Edward R. Murrow High Schools, you are all invited to the 11th BTHS + Murrow Tournament! This tournament will happen t

Link to 1/7 Club Matchposhganache •

Link to the Team Match Thursday Oct. 1 @ 8 pmchadwick2000 •

Here's the link to the Oct. 1 team chess match vs. Westchester and Rockland Chess Clubs:

Next battle Thursday September 3chadwick2000 •

Here is the link to the Thursday Sept. 3 match: Mark Courtney

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