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Variant testers TEAM

This is a team for trying out new chess variants. Please read the "READ ME: What's this team about?" thread in the forum before posting anything.

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  1. Breeder Chess acgusta2

    A variant I would like to try is known as Breeder Chess and has the rules as follows. 1. If piece A and piece B are the same type and color, and the only thing stopping piece A from moving to the s

  2. Checkmateless chess jBesky

    Sample game:

  3. Checkmateless chess acgusta2

    I like it.

  4. Checkmateless chess jBesky

    Checks and checkmates can't be played. You have to get your enemy into a position were they are forced to make an illegal move(moving your king into check, checking, and checkmating your enemy are inc

  5. Follow me chess lecw

    Did you ever try playing it ? Sample game ? Thinking for 15s it seems one can setup antichess-like patterns to gobble a lot of material... maybe ? (with a rook following another rook, especially)

  6. Chigorin Chess Variant Nordlandia

    Chigorin Chess was meant to emphasize the contrast between the relative values of knights and bishops in standard chess. First flaw in the game> Redundancy.

  7. Follow me chess variants

    If a player can move to the square where opponent's previous move started from, he/she must. Otherwise normal rules. Fun variant. I suggest 3+5 time control.

  8. Must check chess variants

    If a player can make a checking move/s, he/she must choose among those. Otherwise normal rules. Fun variant, not to be taken too seriously. I suggest 3+5 timecontrol.

  9. Two modes: Three-player and master & disciple chess MessyAnswer

    Another "mode" that should probably appear in this list is hands & brains: two players on each side of the board, one player tells the other what piece type to move (e.g. king or knight) and the other

  10. Two modes: Three-player and master & disciple chess katakamata

    Two players versus two players. (Suppose A+B versus Y+Z) A plays a move, then Y. Then B, then Z. Goes like that. Standard chess game, but many variants can be played this way. In Sinquefield Cup t

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