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Let enhance lichess with our userscripts

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  1. Lichess Tuner Toadofsky

    Automatically #music-ify games, etc.:

  2. Lichess Hide Rating Toadofsky

    By popular demand I wrote an open-source userscript. I have no intention of enhancing it:

  3. Lichess Compact Lobby Toadofsky

    Now updated to display blog posts and hide forum posts.

  4. Lichess Gone Berserk Toadofsky

    Go berserk whenever possible!

  5. Display ratings deviation? Unihedron

    If you're on a user's profile, you can parse the data-hint attribute. Outside that, it's mandatory to post to the API user endpoint every time.

  6. Display ratings deviation? Toadofsky

    Is it possible to make a userscript which replaces a player's rating (1500) with their rating ± 2*RD (1500±700)? It looks as if an API call may be necessary since "rd" data is embedded in javascript.

  7. Lichess Compact Lobby Toadofsky

    Display enterable tournaments and simuls within seek box. Hide leaderboards.

  8. UserScripts forum jupeq

    example of userscript that truncate standing table and color on chat before: after:

  9. UserScripts forum lichess

    Welcome to the UserScripts forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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