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  1. plz join USBdriveCAR

  2. Three Check Championship Arena FlamoToolz

    Three Check Championship Arena will take place on Friday, August 24th, 10am EST to 11:30am EST. Prizes: 1st - $95 2nd - $40 3rd - $15 U1950 1st - $10 More info and details can be found in the T

  3. Three Check Deathmatch FlamoToolz

    FM toivok and NM littleplotkin will compete tomorrow, THURSDAY, AUGUST 2ND, 2pm EST (7pm CET), in a three check dual. In this match, these two players will play four 5+2 games, six 3+1 games, and twel

  4. Possible trade war quicksand79

    We will have to wait and see.

  5. Talk Isotope232

    What are your opinions on some of the potential replacements of Justice Kennedy?

  6. Talk Isotope232

    But the sad thing is that dems and republicans don’t vote on what the law has to do with the constitution and the country, they just vote yea if it’s from their party, nay if it is not.

  7. Talk Isotope232


  8. Talk V1chess

    I really can't tell. A lot of democrats hate Trump and the Republicans, since the beginning. However, I think Trump's progress with North Korea and defeating ISIS has earned him supporters. The next e

  9. Talk GBA87

    In what direction, @V1chess?

  10. Talk V1chess

    I think we are going to see some major changes in Congress.

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