Unrated Losers Chess Club

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For those interested in playing unrated Losers Chess. More information to come.

What is Losers Chess?

  • Rules are the same as in antichess, except:
  • The king has royal powers, and removing the king from check takes precedence over capturing another piece.
  • Casting is legal.
  • Pawns cannot promote to king.
  • A player wins by reducing his pieces to a bare king, or being checkmated by the opponent.

How to play video by @RTPonting

Example of losers chess games (study of 64 opening traps:

Right now we can play losers by playing unrated standard chess since the laws are the same. However, the capturing must be done manually, so you and your opponent both need to be paying attention. When you only have a king left, you resign and win.

If you want help with your first few games, here are the experienced players: