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Ultrabullet, if you love it! Open for everyone!
Location: Earth

Forum (43)

  1. Tournaments without laggers. chiru35


  2. Tournaments without laggers. Chesstroll_Ingot Please support the tournaments with limited lag compensation.

  3. German11 chiru35

    Join this club also :)

  4. your favourite ultrabullet games chiru35

  5. your favourite ultrabullet games Alihene2

    here you can post your favourite ultrabullet games. mine:

  6. I want to give a few free lessons on ultrabullet. Alihene

    i can to:)

  7. New! Ultrabullet titles chiru35


  8. I want to give a few free lessons on ultrabullet. Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello. I want to try myself as an ultrabullet coach. I need some practice and understanding in this area, so I would like to give a few free lessons. We will do this through Skype, and I will show you

  9. New! Ultrabullet titles idh82bu

    We are creating the Ultrabullet S-GM, GM, IM, FM, and LM titles. How they work: US-GM: Winner of at least 15 "important" ultrabullet tournaments that hold at least 25 participants; winner of at lea

  10. Please support tournaments without laggers! Chesstroll_Berserk There must be an ability to create ultrabullet tournaments with limited lag compensation. 100-150 ms.