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Ultrabullet, if you love it! Open for everyone!
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Forum (55)

  1. Important! This will reduce your lag if you are on Windows. Chesstroll_Ingot

    The official Microsoft explanation why this happens:

  2. Important! This will reduce your lag if you are on Windows. Chesstroll_Ingot Lag depends not only on Internet connection and distance to Lichess, but also on Windows settings. Before ap

  3. New computer? rickrenegade

    Hi I am looking for some advice on the fastest computer setup for Ultrabullet... I already have the fastest internet I can get and it runs consistently at 20 pings so that's ok. What browsers do

  4. Official Hourly Ultrabullet Tournaments kshinkle

    I would greatly support hourly ultrabullet tournaments being added (similar to how the regular bullet ones are set up), as I sometimes want to play a quick tournament at random times and it seems that

  5. Tips? TheLoardOfTheBoard

    Are there any helpful tips or things you should do, like: -Play moves on alternating sides of the board -Do check sacrifices whenever you can

  6. [Feature request] Using keyboard for selecting pieces Chesstroll_Ingot

    Discussion in the forum:

  7. Discord Server chiru35

    Feel free to join

  8. Guys, please support 1/8+0! (link in the description) Chesstroll_Ingot Hopefully we'll have ⅛+0 on Lichess!

  9. If you want to have ⅛+0 time control, join this team! Chesstroll_Ingot

  10. New clock for hyper and ultra bullets Chesstroll_Berserk

    So the clock is ready! Thanks to @pkyue! Here is an example: This is a brighter version (the same as on the video):