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133 members

Ultrabullet Professional Players (UPP) TEAM

ultrabullet professional players team
Location: lichess

Forum (11)

  1. lyadalachanc JamesBonds

    Hey guys, Please report Lyadalachanc. He uses a bot and still hasn't been caught. He even admitted it to me!!

  2. salut a tous Atomic__player

    hi :)

  3. A team for those who would like to have ⅛+0 time control Atomic__player

    nice XD

  4. A team for those who would like to have ⅛+0 time control Chesstroll_Berserk Join our team if you would like to play more berserked ultrabullet (⅛+0)!

  5. salut a tous profdeponey


  6. salut a tous MyDearMrDread

    Heylà prof! :D

  7. salut a tous profdeponey

    hi all <3

  8. Please support making more ultrabullet tournaments Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, people! We definitely need more ultrabullet hourly arenas, because we have to create them ourselves, but sometimes there are no people who want to take initiative in creating a tournament. So i

  9. Hey buddies! ASONINYA

    hi all, i'm in the team too!

  10. Hey buddies! MyDearMrDread

    What's up?

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