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Three-check or 3+ TEAM

Lichess Three-check Team...3+
Location: Lichess

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  1. Three-check Chess Theoreticians jmorriss

    A team to discuss Three-check Chess theory.

  2. Friendship and fair play game in 3 check on lichess rzenaikrzys

    Hi All,my name is Christopher and I am in Top 10 in 3 check on, I would like invite You to our Team,Our Idea is Friendship and game fair play, If You want,Join us-

  3. 3+ combinations FischyVishy

    Hello I am writing a book on 3+ and hope to have it completed 100% by the end of the year. Stay tuned :). (The book will be free and 500+ pages.)

  4. 3+ combinations goodtrainer

    Three check has astonishing combinations and tricks. We should collect them in a book to make 3+ more commonly liked.

  5. Three Check Opening Book(UPDATE) FM FMSanMarco

    Good idea, you can use all my games if you want, just write names of the two players. No theory on strategy for this 3-check, all is open to create it !

  6. In Search of Sparring Partner SimplePiano

    I'm relatively experienced, but not quite your skill level in this mode (~1850-1900). I'd be happy to spar with you though and learn more from this mode! If you're interested please just message me.

  7. In Search of Sparring Partner vasfed12

    Hey, I'm looking for someone experienced to play in correspondence 3+ with time controls of around 3 days, then later, analyse the game together. If interested feel free to pm me.

  8. Three Check Opening Book(UPDATE) Toadofsky

    Excellent! I do wonder how well these principles could translate into lines of Stockfish code (and whether there's a better way to generalize one or more of these principles)!

  9. Three Check Opening Book(UPDATE) ProgramFOX

    Wow, nice! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Three Check Opening Book(UPDATE) vasfed12

    Greetings! A while back I set a goal for myself to create a three check opening book...the thing is...I am REALLY busy. But to prove to myself that I will go through with this(and give people some in

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