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TheDarkestUltra/Bullet TEAM

WEEKLY ultra bullet,hyper and bullet tournaments which in we will have a prize-Lichess Patron.
MONTHLY ultra( bullet/hyper/bullet) tournaments with a prize pool .


Dear friends/members let's be positive and not offend each other .

Our moto is : make your mouse burn ;)

Follow me to be notificated about tournaments.

Our rules :1)Be polite.
2)Members must have at least 100 played (rated) games
Location: Chess Planet

Forum (56)

  1. Our tournaments thekid456

    there hasn't been a recent tournament :/

  2. Our tournaments DarkestPhoenix

    3)23/04/18 31 players!!! Winner-@kingscrusher-junior

  3. Offers DarkestPhoenix

    @mysterious_expert @toivok will try )))

  4. Offers NM mysterious_expert

    @DarkestPhoenix put this in a forum and more people will come for sure

  5. Offers FM toivok

    that would get alot of players and fame

  6. Offers FM toivok

    I think that that monthly tournament you can get it like in the lichess tourneys like zh endurance or opperwezen roundabout

  7. Offers DarkestPhoenix

    @G_B_Priyangshu share the link with your friends ,suggest it to some players that you play with ,share links in the groups(open forum page and thencopy the link ,because in groups is not allowed to a

  8. Offers G_B_Priyangshu

    @DarkestPhoenix How can we advertise?

  9. Our tournaments DarkestPhoenix

    2)22/04/18 43 players!!! Winner-@Mishka_The_Great

  10. Our tournaments DarkestPhoenix

    1)21/04/2018 74 players!!! Winner-@toivok

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