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The Sicilian Defense TEAM

For all players who play the Sicilian Defense, 1...c5!! against 1. e4!! DO *NOT* JOIN if you do not play the Sicilian Defense.
If you join but I see you do not play the Sicilian Defense your join request will be denied.

All variations of the Sicilian are welcome!
Location: Sicily

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  1. Activity Globglogabgalab

    Does anybody want to play some Sicilian games?

  2. Sicilian Defense GennaroTedesco

    After 1.e4 everything besides 1...c5 is a minor sideline :p

  3. Sicilian Defense InnateAluminum

    "1. e4 - and white wins!"- Vsevolod Rauzer "Not if 1... c5." - Me

  4. Sicilian Defense InnateAluminum

    Water_Flame's Sicilian Studies:

  5. Sicilian Defense InnateAluminum

    Since all the other threads are archived and 1. e4 c5 2. Nc3, I thought I might as well create a new thread. Feel free to chat about the Sicilian here.

  6. Anti sicilians Water_Flame

    That is the Closed variation for white. As black against most Closed variations I recommend a Dragon setup (d6, g6, Bg7 etc) and then storm the queenside. White will storm the kingside. @GambitMas

  7. Anti sicilians GambitMaster777

    I'm new to the team, so what do you guys recommend against the 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 line?

  8. AYeeeeeeeeeeeeee Water_Flame

    100 members

  9. Favorite variations? Water_Flame

    @DJModulo Even if white is experienced Dragon is just fine, it's been played at top levels with success, black gets plenty of counterplay in the Yugoslav I personally prefer the Sveshnikov though,

  10. Favorite variations? DJModulo

    Mostly playing Kan currently; I like its sidelines better than Najdorf's. Have played the Dragon before, but if White is experienced against it it's very hard to find the defense/counterattack balan

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