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  1. GM Ashley learns how to use an engine Shiwen

    lol that is funny

  2. Next Feature poll Shiwen

    yes, I wonder what u voted for as well.

  3. GM Ashley learns how to use an engine Toadofsky

  4. Next Feature poll V2chess

    May I ask what you voted for?

  5. Next Feature poll IM lovlas

    I voted for the BEST new feature!

  6. Next Feature poll Toadofsky

    Lichess needs your help to select the next feature(s)!

  7. Is anyone active here? klod42

    I need partner(s) for practicing/analyzing endgame positions, rated at least around 1900 on lichess.

  8. Rook and Two Connected Pawns vs Rook todo_pro

    I remember I had trouble with this kind of ending a long time ago. Now I find it very easy. If you're interested, here's how I played the position:

  9. Rook and Two Connected Pawns vs Rook Ecclesiastic

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would like to practice this endgame from Silman with me. I can friend you, set up the board, and we take turns defending as black and attacking as white until we both

  10. Chess endgame online Narkefok_Vidda

    Play chess endgame positions with the machine (Stockfish-level-1350-2500) or with a friend on Lichess Under the link is hidden opportunity to play positions against the computer (3400 examples) . ht

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