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The Classics TEAM

We're the Classics! We enjoy playing games on classical time control, typically 20+20 or more. Join us if you wish to experience the beauty of chess with others who take their time to play creative, beautiful games, the likes of which blitz and bullet shall never see!

Forum (127)

  1. Friday 23 Nov 10+30 Tournament GiulioCremonese password: classic join it!

  2. Hello everyone Tony2

    Like to join

  3. Friday Tournament 10+30 GiulioCremonese pawword classic. Under 1850 Classical lichess 20.30 Rome Time

  4. Tournament is on! GiulioCremonese

    Hello there, tonight (now!) there is on a 10+30. Password "classic" title "World challenge". It has started from 30 min but You can join it!

  5. Black plays; checkmate in one move InnateAluminum

    So basically we just make posts and solve CAPTCHAs? XP

  6. Black plays; checkmate in one move jojoyxu


  7. Black plays; checkmate in one move Chirag231

    Show your analytical skills here

  8. Tournament is availabe Omaramin100100

    OK here is the tournament..Password: "Classics"

  9. Tournament is availabe FischersOfMen

    Just to be clear, you can create a tournament with a future date. After you click on create a tournament, there is a section for advanced features. Click on that and it expands out additional options.

  10. Tournament is availabe Omaramin100100

    Sure I will,when it's created

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