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The Classics TEAM

We're the Classics! We enjoy playing games on classical time control, typically 20+20 or more. Join us if you wish to experience the beauty of chess with others who take their time to play creative, beautiful games, the likes of which blitz and bullet shall never see!

Forum (100)

  1. New Team LM mysterious_expert join our team. We will play 10+10 and other rapid/classical time controls at our tourneys. Improvement can be guaranteed!

  2. a classic game Puthi2006

    can anyone play a 45min game with me please

  3. Anyone for a good classic match? parth86

    I am ready to play you.

  4. Anyone for a good classic match? thelordsoto13

    30+30 and we can learn from our own mistakes

  5. Learning cmronak

    How to use Team

  6. Anyone up for some 60 Minute Games? RestInPeaceAlready


  7. Anyone up for some 60 Minute Games? maxivgc

    So far Ive just been playing on Lichess and I want to practise Classical games before my first real games

  8. thanks Classicler

    Yes thank you. Speed chess just doesn't suit me.

  9. When is the next Tournament? Frankaroconnor

    Just wondering when the next Tournament is :)

  10. akarmy


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