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Team United States of America TEAM

At some point there might be team tournaments here.
This team is to represent The United States of America in the future Lichess World Team Championship.
Players have to put the American flag in their profiles to join.
Location: America

Forum (11)

  1. Players GBA87

    If its just our best players than I definitely won't be playing! 😕

  2. Players RisingChessStarMWOW

    Are all players going to get to play if there is a team tournament, or just our best players?

  3. 'Murrica musickman01


  4. I live in Philippines and I have my US Passport williamseward

    I plan to return to Oregon in 2 months. :-)

  5. Welcome! NM Deathmaster

    @rock303 I know who you are, so that's fine. I know you live in the US :D

  6. Welcome! rock303

    I don't have USA flag :O

  7. 'Murrica myspacebardoesntwork

    Who else gets erect whenever you think about how great our country is?

  8. Welcome! tortillathehun

    Any of you strong players willing to play some of us weaker players to help us get better so we can crush the Russians? :) Casual games, obviously.

  9. Welcome! NM Deathmaster

    This team is open to all lichess players who have the USA flag in their profile, but please try to keep the alt accounts down to a minimum.

  10. Welcome! NM Deathmaster

    Welcome to Team United States of America, aka Team USA! Like LM Lance5500, who has created Team Russia, Team USA will be ready for potential team matches implemented hopefully soon! Thanks everyone fo

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