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Study Authors Group TEAM

This Group is dedicated to writing studies using lichess latest "study" features. Studies will be written and curated for the general public.

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  1. Shuffle Crazyhouse duropo

  2. I went over a game Carlsen vs Wojtaszek noob2chess I will invite anyone if they want to add more notes. I also added a couple games to the best games ever and I need some more helpers to analyse the complicat

  3. Atomic duropo

  4. RacingKings duropo

    You are added.

  5. Basic checkmate studies seanysean

    B+B+K vs. K

  6. RacingKings seanysean

    Can i be a member?

  7. RacingKings duropo

    Correction: The study is far from complete.

  8. RacingKings duropo The study is from complete, I will update it if there is time. If you like to be a member, say it and I will add you.

  9. The Scotch Gambit as Black - help with a specific line ironblue

    PS: how do I specify and save a particular move as being the start of the study?

  10. The Scotch Gambit as Black - help with a specific line ironblue

    This recent game threw up a few questions for me in the opening; I'd be grateful for any comments and suggestions!

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