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309 members

String_dogg's Team TEAM

Hi everyone! I'm a Youtuber and avid chess player. I make funny chess compilations, feel free to check them out on my channel

Join the team to have conversations and discussions (chess and off-topic), play tournaments and simuls :) aswell as being notified when I upload!
Location: Worldwide

Forum (76)

  1. Video suggestion. String_dogg

    Hey DrGilmour, thanks for your message! :) The fastest and easiest way to contact me is through discord ( it's a group where me and my fans chat, hang out, joke and solve ch

  2. Video suggestion. DrGilmour

    Hi, I've been looking for a way to contact you for some time and this appears to be the best way to do it. I remember in the summer of 2017 during one of kingscrusher "banter blitz" style videos he

  3. Magnus Carlsen is confused String_dogg

  4. GM Hikaru Nakamura Losing His MInd String_dogg

  5. GM Eric Hansen Losing His Mind moonenaneBETA

    that was hilarious

  6. Gordon Ramsay reacts to the World Chess Championships (Game 12 result) String_dogg

  7. Funny Chess Moments -World Championship (commentary) String_dogg

  8. GM Eric Hansen Losing His Mind Paky


  9. GM Eric Hansen Losing His Mind String_dogg

  10. Bobby Fischer vs A Mongolian Chess Player (Story by Yasser) String_dogg

    I agree! :)

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