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This team is made to spread awareness of racism in the hopes for people to stop discriminating. A lot of people get discriminated against just by their skin color and that is never okay. What matters is kindness, passion, positivity, and all the good in you. Looks or skin color doesn't matter, Like a wise person once said "Never Judge a Book By Its Cover"
This team is not a team where we hate people that discriminate, but it's a team to "Change people who discriminate" Imperfections and Flaws are just what makes people human.
There are many teams on lichess about Stopping racism there is still racism throughout the world, so we need to promote stopping racism even more. ALWAYS treat others how you want to be treated.
Lets all Fight for Justice since we are all humans and we deserve to be treated equally :)

Here is an AWESOME team that you should also support #StopAsianhate, Joining them will not just help us but also it will help everyone!


Have you seen any other teams that support any other type of Anti-Hate? Message @INCOGNITO18
Remember We're Stronger TOGETHER

Our Team Was Officially Created And Established by @INCOGNITO18 On 4/15/21
If you support this idea, please always be kind, passionate and...
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