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A practice team, if you're looking for practice partners for slow chess, this is the place to be. Always looking to improve. Play games and analyse them together. Our teamspeak server is:
Location: Everyone is welcome, but you have to be able to speak English


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ActivityAlexandeRufus •

Does anyone still use this group? All the messages seem to be pretty old. I was looking to improve by playing some slow games but it seems like this group is pretty inactive.

chess practice partnerAlexandeRufus •

What time in the morning? And would you prefer a stronger opponent than myself? And yes I am aware you mean CET.

chess practice partnerpuaf •

hi all, is someone here interested in playing some slow chess games? something like 1h time control game, i can play in the mornings, europe time, and well lets get better :)

Slow games and analysis workTlentifini_Maarhaysu •

Hello all, Just joined the group from the UK but I'm a night owl so I'm often up late at night to US players as well. I used to play for the county and our leagues but I am simply way stronger onli

Slow time controlsRMario •

Hello! I think for improving your game it is essential to play in slower formats, but unfortunately it seems that this excellent site is serious about bullet/blitz and rapid chess but not for classic

Slow Chess GamesPoldi_der_Drache •

I've added maybe we get a game some time

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