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A forum that unites Second Life chess players and a gateway to the competetive environment. SL is a 3D chat room where one can also play it:

Membership in this team provides confirmation, that the SL and Lichess accounts correspond to one another, which enables members to interact and play on behalf of them, and thus to contribute to the best achievable standard of transparency and fairness at Chess in SL.

Read important INFO prior to creating either a Lichess or SL account and joining this Community:


Practical Philosophy of chess and how to train it.mark28_biedermann •

Studying chess is the same as studying a foreign language. Chess is in fact a sort of language with it's own semantic, words and phrases, grammar, sentences and paragraphs. It's not me who invented th…

lol threadmark28_biedermann •

Pitiful individual, someone reported him, I did not. He could survive just one more game

lol threadmark28_biedermann •

Yet another pitiful individual delivering me one of the best compliments in my entire "chess career": I did absolutely nothing special in this game, …

"Chess Player Verified" group in Second Life.mark28_biedermann •

Group policy. Group Members can make mandatory game offers to each other (if not otherwise specified). Such challenges may NOT be declined... Matches are negotiated upon cheater-unfriendly conditions …

Membership / Security / SL Identitymark28_biedermann •

Yes, SL was thought as an "operation system" around the avatar that you control (like Windows, but for other purposes, except that SL doesn't manage your computer). It's a virtual world and a glorifie…

Membership / Security / SL IdentityJamesStoltz7 •

That sounds very useful. Even though I've made a SecondLife account I've not actually downloaded and logged into SecondLife yet, though I'm very curious to try it out though. I first heard about it a …

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