Scholastic Heat Up

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THE SCHOLASTIC HEAT UP will be conducted online on for scholastic players of all levels from all locations. Free USCF membership is provided for new or expired scholastic members.

Format: 5 Round Swiss. USCF Online Quick Rated.
4 Sections: Open, Under 1400, Under 900, Under 400.
For determining sections, the higher of a player’s USCF Over the Board (OTB) Regular rating, USCF Online Regular rating, and USCF Online Quick Rating will be used. USCF Rating information may be accessed at First time players are welcome and encouraged to participate! Unrated players may play in any section. The Under 400 Section is recommended.

Time Limit: G/15 with 10 second increment.
Entry Fee: $25, $35 after 11:00 PM EDT on 6/11
Rounds: Games in all sections will be paired ASAP!

Registration: At until 11am day of; $10 late fee after 11pm night before.

Prizes: Customized fire trophies mailed home to all players with 3.5 points or higher. Can you feel the heat?
Fair Play: Games of all winners will be reviewed. No cameras or Zoom required. Players using engine assistance may be flagged by lichess, reported to the USCF Ethics Committee, and removed from the tournament.
Instructions: will be emailed to all players Friday evening regarding how to access the tournament on If you do not already have a lichess account, you will need to create one free at

Contact: Michael Joelson,, 216-321-7000 (call only) or Ian Golias,, 440-384-9372 (text ok).

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Heat Up U40015+10 • Rapid • Rated5 rounds swiss
Heat Up Under 90015+10 • Rapid • Rated5 rounds swiss
Heat Up Open and Under 140015+10 • Rapid • Rated5 rounds swiss