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Create Home Work For Students

Dear Friends,
As a trainer, I faced difficulty in sharing homework with the students. I was thinking is there an option to share a few Custom puzzles according to the level of student strength every day. But I am not able to find an option available on the web for free.

In there is an option to do so. Thanks for the developer's efforts and for its 1.8 Million puzzles Database.

Here I will share how you can create homework.

step one

Go to tactical trainer here you can select puzzles from 1800000.

You can select unlimited puzzles and create an unlimited number of lists.

After you select the puzzles go to the page. Create homework.

Here you can create links to homework and share them with your students.

Students can open the link and log in with their account.

You can check the reports in your profile to get their performance.

Here you can get your puzzle homework history

Here you can get your students' homework history homework history

Thank you very much for reading,


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