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Racing Kings fans TEAM

A team for Racing Kings fans
Location: International

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  1. I am suprerior Grainiac

    I have the shield to prove my worthiness

  2. I am suprerior Grainiac

    in RK Kneel before thou king

  3. I am suprerior Redscales

    No because you suck at antichess you are not fully superior yet

  4. I am suprerior Grainiac

    Yield before me

  5. lol jojoyxu


  6. lol jojoyxu


  7. Hah Are there NO Racing King Fans? breakreign

    Cmon guys. RK Is so fun. Lot of silly tactics involved. Come play

  8. Racing Kings fans forum lichess

    Welcome to the Racing Kings fans forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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