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Racing Kings Chess Theoreticians TEAM

Team to discuss Racing Kings Chess theory.

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  1. Analyze my racing king study copymoves

    yes after posting this forum i realized that too :-) thank you for your comment

  2. Analyze my racing king study RoyalManiac

    I believe I already explained this in a tournament chat somewhere, but in case you didn't read that: the game ends with Kb8#. The # means that the last move resulted in a checkmate or rather said (sin

  3. Analyze my racing king study copymoves

    in this study, which is made by myself, the game became a draw one!!! i can not understand why this happens anyone can understand this position black king reached to the

  4. Tagged as hacker? TKtheGrandMaster


  5. Tagged as hacker? Grainiac

    Your opponent doesn’t understand the rules, send him that.

  6. Tagged as hacker? TheYuriy

    Move 10

  7. Tagged as hacker? TheYuriy

  8. Tagged as hacker? TheYuriy

    This is fun, one opponent reported me as hacker bcoz he couldnt capture my queen with bishop due to the no check rule xDD

  9. Speed Kings tourney! Grainiac Racing Kings 0+1!!

  10. Racing kings 0+1 Grainiac

    Who wants to play 0+1 with me? @lolek7 @NEW-MOON

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