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292 members

Racing Kings Chess Theoreticians TEAM

Team to discuss Racing Kings Chess theory.

Forum (405)

  1. Racing Kings stars Grainiac

    FalconPower Babosos TrapAlert (not as active)

  2. Racing Kings stars Grainiac

    Name all players in Racing Kings notable for their excellent play!

  3. Can anybody help me? sethtristan

    i will

  4. Can anybody help me? chess_tactic2017

    I would like to play some unrated games againist people from this team. Can anybody play?

  5. High depth analysis of popular RK openings BOT centaur01

    I also believe that it's theoretical draw, but the game is still perfect/fun for humans. :) It's tactical like hell squared and also so different from standard chess.

  6. High depth analysis of popular RK openings nikolajtesla

    I started to analyze a few popular openings till the high depth (40+) and I am 99.9% convinced that RK is a draw. Currently I looked at the lines Bd4, Kg3 and Kh3. If anyone else here has a PC wi

  7. Racing kings discord Babosos

    I think that is a great idea!

  8. Racing kings discord azdinovem

    hi, i just created a server for racing kings to make this varient more popular, here is the invitation:

  9. Racing Kings Studies? Flaschensammler

    Bishop and rook vs rook is something I definitelly will study closely, but I can tell you that against most game experiences this combination is not always a win for the rook + bishop faction.

  10. Racing Kings Studies? Flaschensammler

    yeah, it was on the wrong mode, the explanations are actually a bit too long I believe, they disrupt the flow. As for why 2pieces against one is a draw here: How white with two pieces but the lesser

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