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Racing Kings Endgame StudyChess_Dogg •

Hi @RoyalManiac, that's no problem! What a cool collection of puzzles. I came across this position today - pretty useful practically and quite a cool stratergy to win -

Racing Kings Endgame StudyRoyalManiac •

Hey @Chess_Dogg, thank you for creating these positions! If you don't mind it, I've added them to my collection of RK puzzles here: Although I have never seen these

Racing Kings Endgame StudyChess_Dogg •

Here's another interesting one - this time with two knights:

Racing Kings Endgame StudyChess_Dogg •

Here's another with a similar theme. I really like this one because the positions of the pieces are very similar to the starting position:

Racing Kings Endgame StudyChess_Dogg •

I was looking at bishop and knight coordination and composed this racing kings endgame study:


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