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233 members

Racing Kings Chess Theoreticians TEAM

Team to discuss Racing Kings Chess theory.

Forum (373)

  1. Let's play tournaments in the Racing Kings? COBATRON4404

    ya its at 8 o clock my time, and we are not alowed on computers that late

  2. Let's play tournaments in the Racing Kings? NM Deathmaster

    Racing Kings is basically dead man, just find players to play matches with.

  3. Let's play tournaments in the Racing Kings? Konstantin_Zinkowski

    Unfortunately, the daily RK tournament takes place at an uncomfortable time for most players. Maybe we'll agree and play tournaments with a stronger standout at another time?

  4. Kg3 or Bd4? savagechess2k

    Kg3 is better.

  5. Kg3 or Bd4? chesslo21

    In my opinion

  6. Kg3 or Bd4? chesslo21

    What would you prefer, Bd4 or Kg3? (Personally, Kg3 is more aggresive and usually has better winning chances for me, even if players are 2000+)

  7. Friendship and fair play game in Racing Kings on lichess rzenaikrzys

    Hi All,My name is Christopher and I am in Top 10 of Racing Kings on, I would like invite You to our Team, Our Idea is Friendship and game fair play- If You can support it,Join us- li

  8. analysis of stockfish ubdip

    Have both server analyses been performed at about the same date, i.e. with the same Stockfish version?

  9. analysis of stockfish Legambit

    what do you mean about these two analisis for the same game? :)

  10. Racing kings Claner

    i like to see racing queens :))

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