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Dear Chess Friends,

As I blogged earlier, it pains me greatly to look at the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Every minute, every hour, it hurts me more and more. Violence breeds violence more and more, hatred and anger are growing more and more. It is a horror. I can't stay away, but I don't know exactly how to help solve this escalating problem.

Maybe if each of us from around the World does something minimal, it will help in some way through a cumulative effect.

What is happening isn't like a war between the two peoples, the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. I don't believe that the people of Russia want to attack and kill the people of Ukraine. It's much more like a war of one man, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I think that whatever the political problems might be, this way of dealing with political problems is unacceptable in the 21st century.

This war will not lead to anything good, but only makes things worse, making the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and the rest of the World suffer.

Join the team if you are in favor of ending this war right now. There is no need to argue, it won't help, just fix your position.

– I appeal to stop this horror, to cease fire, to stop the deaths of people.

– I urge Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop this war and return all Russian forces to Russia. It needs to be done right now.

– I call on the Russian soldiers to stop executing orders to attack Ukraine and instead return home to Russian territory. I assume, your role is to protect Russian civilians on Russian territory, not to kill civilians of other countries on the territory of other countries. By continuing to attack Ukraine and this war, you are doing enormous damage to Russia and the people of Russia, and the damage is getting larger and larger by every minute, growing exponentially.

– I urge the Russians, who are in favor of ending the war, to have their say in any minimal form. The people of Russia, I don't believe that this is your war. I don't believe that Russia has turned into an aggressor nation in the hearts of its civilians.

– I appeal to everyone to do everything possible to prevent a third world war. We must be careful and act in a constructive way.

It's possible to continue writing, but that is not the point. The point is only to do something that would somehow help to end the Russia-Ukraine war.

I really hope that this war will end soon, after which this team will probably be closed.

With hope and wishing peace for Ukraine, Russia and the whole World,

Petition "Stop the war with Ukraine!" (in Russian)


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