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PepsiNGaming Fan Club TEAM

Do you love Pepsi? We all love Pepsi and his gaming!
Location: Pepsiland

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  1. Viva Pepsi Kcehcyap-Senwot

    "Sometimes I pee on my entire leg before noticing" - PepsiNGaming

  2. Viva Pepsi looking5ward

    "I heard that Doug guy likes anime" -PepsiNGaming

  3. Viva Pepsi townes-paycheck

    This is the Viva Pepsi campaign. Club Members are invited to make the best quotes on the uniqueness of PepsiNGaming. The winner will be awarded a year long free Pepsi by him.

  4. Hit 2500!!!!11!1!!!1!! Shiaxou

    Nice! //Professional n00b, LoliconLover

  5. Hit 2500!!!!11!1!!!1!! PepsiNGaming

    I play a lot. I've never studied the openings much but I started to study recently. If you keep playing imo and learn how to avoid + give out checkmates it gets easier and understand positional play!

  6. Hit 2500!!!!11!1!!!1!! NeverResigned

    wow, nice bro i'm still at 1900.. what do you use to practice

  7. Hit 2500!!!!11!1!!!1!! PepsiNGaming

    Yo, just hit 2500! I am so freakin happy :D

  8. PepsiNGaming Fan Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the PepsiNGaming Fan Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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