Pawnda and Horses Club

684 members

This team is designed for admittance into the weekly IM Sparklehorse tournaments held Tuesdays at 6:30 pm CET as well as in our Team Battles often on Sunday's at 3pm CET.
You must be either a subscriber for some time and/or have been a friend of the stream for some time.
Admittance is decided either by Sparklehorse or Mistercoffee.

You must have at least 100 rated blitz or longer games on your account to join !
New or provisionally rated players are not accepted.
Once you join, you'll be eligible for all future tournaments; you will only have to join this once.

There's no requirement to play every week, just whenever you like :)

Good luck!


Pawnda Fast Rapid Arena10+0 • Rapid • Casual • 2h 30mInner team
Pawnda Rapid10+5 • Rapid • Casual6 rounds swiss
Pawnda Training Tourney15+10 • Rapid • Casual5 rounds swiss
Pawnda Rapid7+5 • Rapid • Casual6 rounds swiss
Lucky Pawnda Arena10+0 • Rapid • Casual • 2h 30mInner team