Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship

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Welcome to the Official 2020 Lichess Ultrabullet Championship. The championship will begin by identifying the 16 strongest ultrabullet players on our site. To begin, the top 8 rated players when the competition begins, will automatically be invited. The next 4 will be decided by a ultrabullet tournament, in which the winner receives a spot in the bracket. 3 More players will be selected by popular agreement from the already determined 12 players, too join them in the group of 16. Finally, one last player will be voted upon by the entire lichess community, eventually establishing the third and final player to join our final 16.

Invitations will be sent!

Best of Luck!
Location: Lichess


Mackenzie Team Battle½+0 • Bullet • Rated • 45m10 teams battle


Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumsekharpamidipati •

So...I am going to see lot of fun and joy...Skill and presence of spot judgement plays key role here...Who is going to win..?...INTERESTING

Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumTrxps •

@V2chess Other than penguin who is already undisputedly the best ultra player, the current top ultra players will hopefully be competing in this. I'm sorry to say it but, strong chess players like Zhi

Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumV2chess •

Yes, @ChessMathNerd, however its very unlikely that you will see the greatest ultra players in terms of skill and not just speed play here. I can't imagine people like penguin or other GMs who would f

Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumChessMathNerd •

@V2chess , while there is some truth in that, it's not all true, since doing that strictly speaking will put you hopelessly lost against any good ultra player. I know that from experience! Its not all

Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumV2chess •

So basically, we have championships to see who can move their hands the fastest over a keyboard or with a mouse. Nice.

Official Ultrabullet 2020 Championship forumClasbyD •

keyboard players are faster yes but if you want the specifics, I'm not really an expert because I dont use it

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