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Never give up! TEAM

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Location: Everywhere!

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  1. Asian Games 2018 rfw

    Unfortunately no chess at Asian Games 2018, but let's create our own tourney :)

  2. Who is the best Lichess player? FM Sssamatppap

    Hello! I would like to advertise a new idea about the Lichess, so I'd like to ask you to check this post and write your opinion. You are a great player, so I hope you will like my suggestion. Thank

  3. never give up! mohamadreza1386

    never give up (!)is great slogan and also very good.i know a lot of game which i was behind and won .maybe some players say why not give up?but why not play to END?we dont play karpov-kasparov match!

  4. greetings! jojoyxu

    ;) ok

  5. greetings! lammerin_nonamer

    I wanted to join a clan to improve my skills while also enjoying myselfin the process. I look foward to learning from each of you guys. Thanks!

  6. Hello / Tourney invite FM BahadirOzen

    Hello my chess friend! I invited you to play our tourney today. For now, this is the high - rated players list ; IM Andrew Tang 2478 IM Givon Asaf 2470 IM Ufuk Sezen 2400 FM Deniz Özen 235

  7. Youtube chess channel roque-star

    Hello guys ! I am here because I'm trying to create a community of people who play chess on lichess or other chess website. Why ? It's simple. I have a Youtube channel of french chess videos (the n

  8. Hi foreign36

    Hi everybody I'm from turkey nice to meet you

  9. From? EdoskaBahoska

    Hello, from?

  10. Tournement or Free Chess Capablancasgood

    me too

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