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Never berserk back TEAM

Are you tired of people persecuting you for not berserking back, saying that it is "dishonorable" or "cowardly"? Do you enjoy your opponent's salty tears as they rage and whine about you not berserking back? Or maybe you just appreciate having all that extra time with which to crush your opponent!! By joining this team, you pledge to make a best effort to not berserk back in lichess arenas!

Note that it is perfectly fine to berserk your opponent first (just no berserking in response). We need to make a stance against those who would ridicule us for not berserking back!
Location: Nevertown, Berserkbackland

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  1. Be serious! Mid-Knight

    @catharaxie I say you should ask your eye docter for a third opinion, but it's your choice.

  2. Be serious! catharaxie

    Both my cardiologist and my psychiatrist forbid me to play non-increment games. What does the netiquette say?

  3. Be serious! FM h-bar

    This is a good start, but it doesn't nearly go far enough. The mutual beserkers agree to make a bullet game out of a blitz game for extra points for the winner, at the expense of the other tournament

  4. Be serious! Frankie0909


  5. Be serious! righthere

    I remember at the last Lichess Bullet Titled Arena, Alireza2003 berserked against Magnus, but Magnus didn’t berserk back and said “ I’m way too serious to berserk back “ Conclusion: Be serious! Eve

  6. Never berserk back forum lichess

    Welcome to the Never berserk back forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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