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Bangalore is one of the major chess centers in India with thousands of active players. Many of India's leading juniors hail from the city. The Natural Chess Club was established in 2014. Since its inception, the club has organized coaching to young chess players and presently it has a student strength of 100+ divided into several classes as per the strength of the students.

Natural Chess Club has been regularly bringing out chess prodigies and International Rated Players. Few of the students are not only showing excellence in results in various recognized chess tournaments in India but also bringing greater laurels to the country by securing first few positions in several World Chess Events.

In this pandemic, all chess coaching has become online. Due to this several new players have joined from around the world. We feel our students should get coaching at the lowest rates and also should get individual attention. For this, we only arrange one on one coaching and also our rates are the lowest online, for learning from titled players.

Currently, we have 30+ coaches who are continuously helping our budding champs.

Now we are hosting Online Tournaments with huge prize funds.

Phone: +91 98867 92721


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