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@Brave_GoldenHeart , @ideapower

this is our secondary team , our main team is

this is a friendly team which will organize several prize and team tournaments so enjoy in the team and dont ask for leader unless you want to be kicked and this team will also participate in several team tournaments which you can play and improve your chess.

@Brave_GoldenHeart , @ideapower


Lichess Liga 17C Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40mBattle of 8 teams
Lichess Liga 16B Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40mBattle of 10 teams
Practice for Cash10+0 • Rapid • Rated2 rounds Swiss
Bullet Practice for Cash1+0 • Bullet • Rated1 round Swiss
Practice for Cash3+0 • Blitz • Rated1 round Swiss


Mega Chess Dragons... Dragons chess teamKAwyACheSS2022 • Hello friends.. This is my Big monthly rapid tmt..I made this for get a leader for my Chess Group..Its in the whatsapp..Firste join our whatsapp group.. URL = chat.w…

chess tournement for school finalMohamedFazil_2009 • Hello everyone this tournment is for practice tournement for school chess finals under 11 so i hope you all will play in this tournement i think this is will be a good pract… • join alll get your prizes

Prize tournemntMohamed_Fazil2009 • Pls join for this tournement and win prizes

Mega chess dragonsKAwyACheSS2022 •

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Mega chess dragonsKAwyACheSS2022 •

Hello players ...Welcome to mega chess dragons ..Join our touramants and play it ..My team has many touramants and .This is touramants link. 01= 02=…

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