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Masterbob TEAM

Кто любит ШАХМАТЫ , добро пожаловать в мою команду .

Who loves CHESS ,welcome to my team .

A quien le guste EL AJEDREZ ,bienvenido a mi equipo .
Location: Весь мир,todo el mundo,everybody.

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  1. Good morning SlyKatChess

    Hello everybody If there are people who want play a tournament , write here I can do tournaments : 1 min, 3+2 , 3+0 , 2+1, 5+0, 5+0 960 and 10+0

  2. Good morning Alexander8Malaga

    At( if there are problems 16:00-16:45) At 16:00-17:00.

  3. Good morning Alexander8Malaga

    Write who will participate

  4. Good morning Alexander8Malaga

    On the 16th of December.

  5. Good morning Alexander8Malaga

    Good morning !!!!!! There is a team tournament. It's Blitz 5+0. Es un torneo de equipo. Blitz 5+0

  6. Tournaments !!!, torneo!!,турнир!! Alexander8Malaga

    Hello , the 17th of December in Andalucía and Valencia there are a big tournament . And the 16th I can do a tournament. It's blitz,5+0. PASSWORD: play

  7. Masterbob forum Alexander8Malaga

    Hello, good evening

  8. torneo Alexander8Malaga

    Здравствуйте, 29 августа турнир В 6 по московскому Atomic 0+1

  9. torneo Alexander8Malaga

    Hello,the 29th of august is a tournament of atomic, at 5 for spanish time and at 6 for russian time:Atomic 0+1

  10. torneo Alexander8Malaga

    A las 5 por tiempo español

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