Making Grandmasters: 1st Champions League - £500 Prize Fund

44 members

We have 32 players, from 4 continents, 10 countries, avg rating of 2336!

Pool 1 Players

IM Ravi Haria
IM Tom Rendle
FM Killian Delaney
Jonny Pein

IM Andrew Greet
IM Alvaro Valdes Escobar
FM David Haydon
Midhun P Unnikrishnan

IM Andy Horton
FM Sam Chow
IM David Fitzsimons
WFM Ellen Fredericia Nilssen

En Passant:
GM Valentina Gunina
FM Borna Derakhshani
FM Conor O'Donnell
Ali Hill

Pool 2 Players

FM Marcus Harvey
FM Samuel Franklin
IM Loz Cooper
IM Malcolm Pein

FM Jonah Willow
IM Mark Kvetny
IM Ali Mortazavi
James Holland

GM Daniel Fernandez
IM Joe McPhillips
IM Adam Taylor
Jamie Horton

IM Peter Roberson
IM Matthew Wadsworth
FM Peter Batchelor
Nghia Dong

Format: 3+2, 8 equally strength-ed 4 player teams, 2 pools of 4 teams, with top 2 from each qualifying for the semis. Teams sort out their own fixtures! Can all participants make sure they are aware of the full event details (MGM Document).

1st: £350
2nd: £100
Best Individual Game: £50 (decided by Marcus Harvey, Adam Taylor, and Sir Lawrence Cooper).

Best Game entries must be submitted to one of the organisers, no later than 3 days after the final.