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Lovers_Of_RK is a team for all Racing Kings enthusiasts. We participate in RK arena tournaments on a daily basis. Our active community can help you with any questions you might have about RK, so come join the fun!

We are open to any RK team battle invitations, and you can contact RoyalManiac for tournament-related queries.

Currently, we have team battles running every Sunday from 16-18 UTC and Nations Battles running from 16-18 UTC every Wednesday.


3rd Weekly RK 1+0 Team Battle1+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h10 teams battle
Weekly Speed RK Team Battle¾+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h14 teams battle
4th Weekly RK 2+0 Team Battle2+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h 30m15 teams battle
Weekly RK Team Battle1+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h 30m13 teams battle
slower tc'ed RKseries 4 Team Battle3+4 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h 20m17 teams battle


2021 RK1440 OC WinnerTesset12 •

@mmo_mikhail Thank you for your concern, I am glad to have people who read the rules and make sure the tournaments run according to their rules suggested. First off, for those who do not know,

2021 RK1440 OC WinnerVibranium18 •

it was in sets So Royal says that he still won.

2021 RK1440 OC Winnermmo_mikhail •

The finals between @vlad_00 and @RoyalManiac were played and it was a great match!! I just want to raise this topic in public to make it clear who won it. I'm not g

29th Fantasy ContestCyberShredder •

Results of the 1st part 1.@olivia-r-k-99 - 20 pts 2.@CyberShredder - 8 pts 3.@Francis920 - 5 pts 4.@ThisIsRex - 5 pts Results of the 2nd part 1.@ThisIsRex - 14 pts 2.@Francis920 - 15 pts 3.@

How to became a leader?ThisIsRex •

Currently, we are not looking for anymore leaders in Lovers_of_RK. We have enough leaders, all doing their job and were put there because they were either requested by the team in a former informal el

How to became a leader?MagicSoccer_Lie •

Yes i know but when you get a leader?

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