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London System Club of Lichess TEAM

This is a club for all the lichess members who play the London System/London Opening, used to play it, or are just a fan who enjoys the ideas in the opening.

It's not a boring, dumb, passive opening- we can make it a very interesting, good, aggressive one! Please give it a try!

Feel free to discuss all kinds of London System related ideas in the forum, just please be KIND, RESPECTFUL, and DON'T personally insult or attack anyone just because of their preferred openings! Thank you! :)


April 6th 2018: Team founded by @FunnyAnimatorJimTV
April 18th 2018: Team reaches 100 members!
April 29th 2018: Team reaches 200 members!
May 27th 2018: Team reaches 300 members!
July 3rd 2018: Team reaches 350 members!
August 3rd 2018: Team reaches 450 members!
August 18th 2018: Team reaches 500 members! GM @penguingm1 joins team!
September 14th 2018: Team reaches 600 members!
January 29th 2019: Team reaches 800 members!
Location: The London System Club of Lichess

Forum (143)

  1. Almost at 1 MILLION POINTS!!! CreativeThinking

    This is awesome! Congratulations! :)

  2. Almost at 1 MILLION POINTS!!! Francesco_Super

    @FunnyAnimatorJimTV Awesome!! Congrats! :)

  3. Almost at 1 MILLION POINTS!!! FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    This team has done so well that we've gotten to almost 1 million points and 800+ members including several titled players. Thanks everyone! :D

  4. join az lovers lordrithmop123

    if you love arizona, join the arizonan awesome peeps

  5. What do I do DCogo

    I'm playing white by the way.

  6. What do I do DCogo

    This is a position I encountered in a game. Can someone tell me what the best move is? Should I have taken the knight on e4? What are other moves to consider?r2qkb1r/ppp1pppp/2n5/3p1b2/3PnB2/3BPN2/PPP

  7. My very first london game ReNyolan

    Hello everyone. I've just read FunnyAnimatorJimTV's tutorial on london opening. Then I played a game and almost immidiatelly won. Thank you FunnyAnimatorJimTV for sharing all the knowledge. Computer a

  8. Winning by London system funbeat

    You have to checkmate your opponent ;)

  9. Winning by London system sambi

    I want to know how to win by playing this opening

  10. Hello everyone Tony2

    Like to join

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