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Linux TEAM

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Forum (62)

  1. Youtube chess channel roque-star

    Hello guys ! I am here because I'm trying to create a community of people who play chess on lichess or other chess website. Why ? It's simple. I have a Youtube channel of french chess videos (the n

  2. Friends Amc-AntonPg

    I love to chat with other players in Inbox so please if anybody interested in talking with me add me to your friends please Kind regards Anton

  3. Chess software Bobby_King_Fischer

    I run 'Visual Chess Openings' in an Android-x86 vm in Linux. VCO is so good, any mentioning of it gets you banned from stackexchange, like e.g.

  4. Linux forum arinov


  5. XP replacement? arinov

    Good distributives with long time support and stable packages are: 1. RHEL Desktop 6 / CentOS 6 2. SLED 3. Debian For example, CentOS 6 has all RHEL installation profiles for free, 10 years comm

  6. Linux Ubuntu arinov

    Use good distribution, not Ubuntu.

  7. me chess grondilu

    I hope this is not going to be understood as sarcasm, as it is not, but you may consider taking English lessons or something. It's not as fun as chess but it's much more useful.

  8. me chess quest96

    i think my chess is stop. i cant improve i play and play and make puzzle and i dont be better what i can do

  9. XP replacement? mikehansen

    OpenBSD. Book it.

  10. Linux forum mikehansen


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