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Linux TEAM

Where real work gets done. Share photos and conversation!
Location: Basement

Forum (91)

  1. Computer Security SlowSlug

    This topic has been an issue for me, since a had been a developer myself. Lst week, i came across a good page on the topic with many research behind their statements. And on top of it, there is a chap

  2. LOL ChessQueen33

    LOL idea, this team. Warning: NEVER USE CHROME OS! I'm using it and I don't like it so much ☹️ Who wants to join this team?

  3. Hello Stephenson

    Mac users and Winblows users have a bad day. Linux users have a great day

  4. More Stephenson

    MsCharles The first Troll

  5. More MrCharles

    You edited the link I don't know how many times. It started with file:/// and progressed into using [IMG] and [URL] tags. (Those don't work, all you need to do is copy/past a direct URL; preferably wi

  6. More MrCharles

    Why not just copy/paste the URL, or use a better service?[].jpg

  7. More Stephenson


  8. chess960, capa winning ways :) DMrFrost

    Never said hi on the lichess forum before, so hello fellow Linux users.

  9. chess960, capa winning ways :) nginX

    how to play chess960 for beginners :)

  10. Pics for you Stephenson

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