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Linux TEAM

Where real work gets done. Share photos and conversation!
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Forum (89)

  1. Hello Stephenson

    Mac users and Winblows users have a bad day. Linux users have a great day

  2. More Stephenson

    MsCharles The first Troll

  3. More MrCharles

    You edited the link I don't know how many times. It started with file:/// and progressed into using [IMG] and [URL] tags. (Those don't work, all you need to do is copy/past a direct URL; preferably wi

  4. More MrCharles

    Why not just copy/paste the URL, or use a better service?[].jpg

  5. More Stephenson


  6. chess960, capa winning ways :) DMrFrost

    Never said hi on the lichess forum before, so hello fellow Linux users.

  7. chess960, capa winning ways :) nginX

    how to play chess960 for beginners :)

  8. Pics for you Stephenson

  9. Why Linux MrCharles

    Kali Linux is generally used as a penetration testing variant of Linux. It has significant, additional driver support for wireless and other networking devices. This impacts the kernel, and thus other

  10. Why Linux Stephenson

    What are you talking about Mandriva is no longer produced. Mandrake became Mandriva all forks Mageia is a fork Mandriva was a company Mageia is commenity. Who said anything about penetration testing y

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