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573 members

Lichess_Users TEAM

This is a place for users
Every one can join us , You will be welcome
Play chess , Have fun , Be cool
Share your idea's , thoughts , anything
Let everyone hears you.
You can also follow us :

And contact us :

Forum (40)

  1. Chess + money chezzplaya221

    no i haven't, how do i try it?

  2. Chess + money Jabid

    Anyone tried a website chess to win money and prizes ?

  3. Happy New YEAR Lichess_Users

    Hey guys Happy New Year

  4. Happy New YEAR Lichess_Users

    Hey guys Happy New Year

  5. Tell us about your username ( Don't Panic ;) ) lilleskut

    Lille Skutt: a very fast but notoriously frightened white rabbit from the Swedish cartoon Bamse

  6. Tell us about your username ( Don't Panic ;) ) Artmedia9

    Artmedia9 - from the football club Artmedia Bratislava. They were in Champions League one season and I liked them that time.

  7. Tell us about your username ( Don't Panic ;) ) Lichess_Users

    Hi everyone ! There are many interesting and funny username on and most of them have a philosophy or story behind them . In this post tell us about your username's meaning And why you ch

  8. check this out Angizeha

    Hello i have a page

  9. Hi there! Lichess_Users

    Hey guys. How're you doing? Thank you all for being in Lichess_Users team and have fun. Lichess_Users team

  10. 200 Members! MaxHuber7

    Yo yo sukas ! Get ready to have it ur butt whooped when you play me!👹 JK I really am not so good at chess. I can still beat people every so often, but I make bad decisions.

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