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Lichess4545 League TEAM

Lichess team for 4545 League. Register at for more info on Team League, Lonewolf3030 and more! All communication is done through slack at Slack invites will be sent with registration approval.

Forum (136)

  1. 4545 league sgis

    You can sign up here to get a notification when the registration for season 14 opens:

  2. 4545 league glbert

    Hi! Unfortunately processing new applications always takes some time. I am not certain yours is still going to be accepted for this season. There's only one round left, and you'd be very unlikely to g

  3. 4545 league michaeltallovsky

    Hi I am new here and like to play in the 4545 league. I registered and played already slow games. Can someone tell me when I will be accepted? Im interested in slack too but dont know yet how it w

  4. Who is the best Lichess player? FM Sssamatppap

    Hello! I would like to advertise a new idea about the Lichess, so I'd like to ask you to check this post and write your opinion. You are a great player, so I hope you will like my suggestion. Thank

  5. Registered about a week ago glbert

    PS: Sorry for the late reply, we (or rather: I) should probably check here more often.

  6. Registered about a week ago glbert

    Unfortunately for new players it can take a couple of days before registrations are approved, since a couple of background checks are done first. If I am not mistaken your registration was approved y

  7. Registered about a week ago areeckx

    still no email confirmation for slack and I have an establish classical rating

  8. Slack kostasvl

    I cannot get a non-provisional classical rating soon but I will try to . I already registered by the way , the only thing that confused me was slack . Thank you for your help @glbert and @sgis . Th

  9. Slack sgis

    You can register here: As mentioned by @glbert you need a non provisional classical rating to do so. Once your registration is approved, you'll get an

  10. Slack glbert

    @kostasvl: to use the lichess4545 slack, you need to be a approved for the league. and for that to happen, you will need a non-provisional classical rating first. @blindlyzerking: i do not see a r

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