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Lichess team for the Lichess 4545 League and associated events. To join, register fist at All league communication is done through slack at Slack invites will be sent with registration approval, and the password for joining the team is shared on the slack.


Theme Brawl 18: Czech Benoni15+2 • Rapid • Casual5 rounds swiss
Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 13A Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40m10 teams battle
Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 12C Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40m10 teams battle
Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 11A Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40m10 teams battle
Theme Brawl 17: Evans Gambit15+2 • Rapid • Casual5 rounds swiss


Accomplishmentskostasvl • Clearly Im a better bullet player than previously.

Western Hemisphere moderatorQveen_Sacrifice •

Everyone hates me and I'm new, so this obviously can't be me. But is there anyone who'd volunteer to moderate for the Western Hemisphere? The euro-centric geography of our current staff of moder

Lichess Team Changessomethingpretentious •

Up until now, the Lichess4545 League Lichess team has been unrestricted for people to join. However, since there are newer features such as members only arenas, as well as simuls and team battles, we

Register to Play - Next Lonewolf Season?ioxod •

Oh, my mistake, thank you @glbert - I'll wait until 30+30 opens up for next season :)

Register to Play - Next Lonewolf Season?glbert •

It is indeed not possible to register for a future season. Registration usually opens about 1 week before a season starts for lonewolf. If you want to get the hassles, paperwork and learning curve out

Register to Play - Next Lonewolf Season?ioxod •

Hello. I'm interested in playing 45/45 Lonewolf - but I can only register for the current season which is almost over. Is it only possible to register for the current season? I know it is a sill

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