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Lichess Ultrabullet Championship TEAM

Minimum rating -- 1400! Must be non-provisional.

Lichess Ultrabullet Championship supports the proposed Ultrabullet Marathon.
Location: lichess

Forum (278)

  1. New Tournament Interest NM SungJiHyun-Korea

    let's do it

  2. New Tournament Interest Myts

    I'm always interested.

  3. New Tournament Interest Krisovski

    I'll play as well

  4. New Tournament Interest Alex_Lifeson

    To start us off, I'm in!

  5. New Tournament Interest idh82bu

    These are all the people that participated in the first tournament: @idh82bu @mutdpro @eldrail @penguingim1 @Myts @WinstonXs @ASONINYA @CrushKing @FeegLood @Ultimate_SHSL_Gamer @Checkers-Network @HUGE

  6. New Tournament Interest Alex_Lifeson

    So guys. I've been inactive the past 6-7 months and I want to see if there is any interest in a Lichess Ultrabullet Championship now. Typs "I'm in" if you are interested!

  7. Guys, if you would like to play 1/8+0, support this topic! (link in the description) Chesstroll_Ingot

    We created a feature request about 1/8+0. Support us if you would like to play this crazy time control!

  8. A team for those who would like to have ⅛+0 time control Chesstroll_Berserk Join our team if you would like to play more berserked ultrabullet (⅛+0)!

  9. New clock for hyper and ultra bullets Chesstroll_Berserk

    So the clock is ready! Thanks to @pkyue! Here is an example: This is a brighter version (the same as on the video):

  10. Please support making more ultrabullet tournaments Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, people! We definitely need more ultrabullet hourly arenas, because we have to create them ourselves, but sometimes there are no people who want to take initiative in creating a tournament. So i

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