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Hi all, I created the Lichess Elite Database which is a collection of lichess games, published each month - get it on

I filtered all (standard) games from lichess to only keep games by players rated 2400+ against players rated 2200+, excluding bullet games.

I believe that the database might be useful for players who want to be up to date on the latest theoretical novelties as strong players test their discoveries online. Another potential use for this database is to see how strong opponents would face your openings in practice.

This team is primarily to let you know whenever I publish the latest update: I will message you once a month to let you know about it.


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JoinedDarshsingla •

Just joined great team

Switching from LBRY to IPFS?nikonoel •

Hi, I don't really care where the big files are hosted, there is a torrent anyway for redundancy. Feel free to post a mirror on the service of your choice!

Latest version?nikonoel •

Hi, you need to merge the files as explained in the tutorial:

Switching from LBRY to IPFS?BambooStrawberry •

Maybe this could replace the torrent or be an alternative alongside LBRY and torrent?

Switching from LBRY to IPFS?BambooStrawberry •

1) LBRY is supposed to be used for videos only. 2) LBRY is not truly decentralized 3) LBRY's free hosting doesn't come from nowhere, people pay for it by paying the CEO for coins. This is generally

Latest version?BambooStrawberry •

Hello, on the website it says the torrent and direct downloads for the full database only go up to May 2020, but the latest per-month download goes to January 2021. Is th

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