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Lichess Changes TEAM

An unofficial change log of Lichess. Listed updates reflects launched changes in development and may not take effect until the next deploy.

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  1. Lichess twitter account now announces changes more regularly Happy0

    The lichess twitter account ( ) has been posting about changes as they come as of late, for anyone who's interested :D.

  2. January 2016 changes Unihedron

    5 Jan '16 changes: * Analysis clicks outside variation moves are fixed. * Analysis view has been improved: You can promote a variation line as the main line or delete them. * Performance statistics

  3. January 2016 changes Unihedron

    4 Jan '16 changes: * The bug revolving awkward behaviour when premoving after a tactics puzzle is completed is fixed. * The autonomous cheater identifications has been improved. * Ping interval for

  4. January 2016 changes Unihedron

    3 Jan '16 changes: * A database replica is now in place. has been updated to reflect the new monthly costs, which are now $578.

  5. January 2016 changes Unihedron

    2 Jan '16 changes: * Marathon trophies are distributed. Given trophies reflects the final standings before the marathon tournament was terminates. * The bug causing

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