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Lichess Championship TEAM

To find out who is the best all around player on lichess! you will play a Best of 7 of the following variants: Blitz, Bullet, Horde, Atomic, Antichess, Chess960, King of the Hill, 3 checks, Racing Kings, and Crazyhouse. The Time control for all Variants will be 3+0 (besides bullet which will be 1+0). The tournament is a single elimination event.

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  1. tournament ahfur2008 please join

  2. tournament ahfur2008 please join

  3. Lichess Championship New group Redscales

    Join my Lichess World Championship group. This group has gone inactive.

  4. lichess championship the-lone-wolf

    is this kind of tournament with all variants included going to be done again?

  5. Tournaments NM Deathmaster can anyone tell me why this wasnt rated?

  6. Tournaments AtomSchachMeister

  7. Lichess Championship forum IM opperwezen

    How late the tournament start?

  8. Lichess Championship forum V2chess

    If you will include me in the pairings, then yes.

  9. Lichess Championship forum GM Arka50

    Will you play all the matches on the same day and commit?

  10. Lichess Championship forum V2chess

    I would like to play in it.

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