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Lichess Bullet Championship TEAM

This is a single elimination bullet tournament with purpose to determine who is the best bullet player on lichess.

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  1. Gold Medal Match GM Arka50

    Gold Medal Match: penguingm1 (1) vs CheeseMuffin (11)

  2. Gold Medal Match GM Arka50

    OK It's probably at 12:30 EST 6:30 GMT Today, the first semifinal Arka50 vs CheeseMuffin

  3. Gold Medal Match Vinvin

    I asked Thibault, he replied we need a stream to announce this matches on Lichess. I will ask Astaneh and BlitzStream but before we need a fixed schedule.

  4. Gold Medal Match Vinvin

    Yes, the best time would be around 20:00 CEST.

  5. Gold Medal Match GM Arka50

    I don't think so.. some people play from Europe and might want to sleep so I'm not sure. We can try though

  6. Gold Medal Match AMADAN

    Would it be possible to have the Final straight after the semi finals? I am sure we could get someone to stream both the semi and final matches.

  7. Gold Medal Match Vinvin

    When is it ?

  8. Gold Medal Match GM Arka50

    On the front page

  9. Gold Medal Match GM Arka50

    Vinvin can you guys make the semi-finals public too?

  10. Gold Medal Match Vinvin

    Thanks ! I'm trying to broadcast the news with the help of Thibault.

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